Tree Planting Services

“The right tree in the right place.”

The arborists at Newton Hook Tree Care are your ideal tree planting partners. Whether replacing an existing tree or adding something new to enhance your landscape, there are many factors to consider. Our team’s 20+ years in the industry, plus extensive on-going education, means we have the knowledge and experience required to give your plantings the best chance for a long and healthy life.

When planting a new tree, there are many factors to consider including, but not limited to:

  1. Choosing a tree variety that is appropriate for your climate.
  2. Selecting a location that has conditions that will allow it to thrive .
  3. Following the proper planting procedure for your specific tree.
  4. Caring for the tree in the long term.

Tree Selection and Placement

The first step to a lush landscape is selecting an appropriate tree variety. As experienced local tree specialists, we can recommend the right trees to plant in the spot you have selected. Alternatively, we can help you choose the best location for the variety you have your heart set on.

When evaluating the viability of a selected site, we consider existing plantings, soil conditions and terrain. In addition, we evaluate the surroundings. Are there overhead or underground utility wires that need to be avoided? Are there large structures that can block sunlight or affect drainage? Do we need to consider the effects of frequent foot traffic? Each tree species has a unique set of conditions that allow it to thrive. It is our job to align the needs of the tree with the wishes of the property owner.

Matching the tree to the site benefits both the health of the tree and your enjoyment of it. The wrong tree in the wrong location can lead to future problems caused by limited growing space, insect infestation, disease or poor growth.

Tree Planting Preparation

Critical components of successful tree planting include planning and preparation. Before a tree is planted, our arborists will complete a site assessment. This will help us determine what steps we need to take to improve the soil, the foundation of every planting project. This preparation can be the difference between a healthy and an unhealthy tree. Preparing the site correctly will transform your land to a healthy and beautiful base for your trees.

When you hire a professional arborist to select, plant and maintain your trees, you don’t have to worry. You can just enjoy the fruits of our labor. And you can feel confident in knowing that you will be able to enjoy your new home landscape for years to come.


After tree selection, planning, and soil preparation, we’re ready to start planting. At Newton Hook Tree Care, we have the equipment, knowledge and experience needed to give your tree a healthy start. Our crew is punctual and responsible and we’ll leave your property as tidy as we found it.

As dedicated arborists, our passion is for promoting the development, health, and growth of trees. Trees add beauty and value to a property and they play an important role in the production of clean air.


Proper tree care is an investment that can lead to numerous aesthetic and economic benefits. Well-cared-for trees are attractive and can add considerable value to your property. Learn about our Tree Pruning, Restoration and Root Care Services.

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