Tree Pruning, Restoration and Root Care

Trees enrich our lives. They add beauty to our property and they can even increase re-sale value. However, when not properly maintained, trees can also be a hazard. Proper tree care is a serious responsibility.

Tree Trimming and Restoration Pruning

Regular, professional pruning enhances the natural beauty of trees and shrubs and it allows them to flourish. By addressing concerns such as structural integrity, shape and appearance, you are helping to preserve a tree’s strength, stature, and seasonal character.

Tree care services performed by the certified arborists at Newton Hook Tree Care provide a variety of benefits to your trees and landscape. Our goal is to direct the energy of the tree into young wood and healing, while maintaining a safe and appealing structure. This work can include removing dead and broken limbs, as well as pruning out older wood. Our crews never use spikes, hooks or gaffs to prune trees.

Root Care

Soil is the foundation of all trees.

Roots require a healthy environment to support the tree, and roots provide the water and nutrients necessary for life. That’s why well-nourished trees are more resistant to disease, insect infestation, drought, and other tree problems.

Trees in the landscape are in an unnatural setting and are subject to stresses not found in the forest. Human activity, such as lawn care, foot and vehicle traffic, compact the soil in the root zone. Man made structures, parking lots and other paved areas, can disrupt the soil and limit the tree’s root potential.

Soil compaction destroys the soil structure and prevents the movement of air and water necessary for root growth. When this happens we use an air tool (an Air Spade) to loosen and remove the soil. After a physical inspection of the root crown and root system, root issues can be addressed.

Schedule A Tree Restoration Consultation with Our Arborist

Call (518) 799-5091 or email [email protected] to schedule a health and risk assessment for the trees on your property. Our professional tree care experts will work with you to plan a maintenance schedule, improve soil around the roots, prune healthy trees, restore sick ones, or, when necessary, remove and replant.

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