Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

Newton Hook Tree Care is the premier provider of tree services in Columbia County, NY. We have performed high-quality arboreal services, including but not limited to tree removal and stump grinding, in and around the Hudson Valley since 2001.

Trees are a beautiful thing. They enhance a landscape, provide protection from sun and rain, and can even reduce noise pollution. But when a tree becomes damaged or diseased beyond repair, removal may be the only option.

If you are unsure whether a tree can be saved or must be removed, we can help you decide.

About Our Tree Removal

Disease, disaster, human interference or old age may require that a tree be removed. This removal, especially when dealing with large trees, is dangerous work. No matter the job, the ISA certified arborists at Newton Hook Tree Care have the specialized tools, equipment and experience to complete the task safely and efficiently.

Once the tree is down, the stump is cut flush at grade level. All wood, brush and debris is cleaned up and removed to designated locations. After a meticulous final clean up, the stump is ready for removal, if so desired.

About Our Stump Grinding

Avoid an unattractive obstacle on your property. Have your tree stump ground down below the surface. Newton Hook Tree Care has the proper equipment and skills to remove a stump neatly and efficiently.

In addition to being more attractive, having your stump removed reduces the risk of fungal decay, which can spread to adjacent trees. And if you’re considering planting a replacement tree or planting grass where the tree once stood, having the stump ground will give you the best starting point for replanting.

Newton Hook Tree Care is committed to ensuring that your property remains beautiful and healthy. Our arborists are highly trained, with extensive knowledge of the science behind the processes. We will take good care of your trees.

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