FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an arborist?

We are arborists certified through the International Society of Arboriculture. An arborist is a trained person in the basic biology of trees and the conditions trees need to thrive as individuals in the landscape. There are many different categories of arborist including tree climber, aerial lift operator, ground worker, pruner, tree feller, tree planter, designer, municipal, utility, etc. We are working arborists doing hands-on work with trees and shrubs in rural and residential settings.

How much does it cost to take a tree down?

As in Real Estate, location plays a large part in the cost. Proximity to structures, utilities, septic systems, roads and driveways, as well as tree species and condition, all contribute to the price calculation. We make a site visit to visually determine all the factors and then present a written proposal before any work is started.

Are you insured?

We have comprehensive vehicle, liability and workmen’s compensation coverage. Certificates of insurance are available upon request.

How do you get up there?

We are experienced climbers and utilize current tools and gear to access the trees we are working on. We also utilize a rubber-tracked compact lift, known as a “spyder lift.” It folds up to fit through a 36” wide opening, then opens up to reach up to 83’ high.

Isn’t that wood worth a lot of money?

Logs from yard trees are usually rejected from a saw mill because of metal contamination. Most yard trees have nails or screws in them that will ruin a saw blade. In addition, most mills require a minimum quantity of logs to process; a common phrase is “if you don’t have a tri-axle load, you don’t have nuthin.” Yard trees may have value as firewood but often it is less expensive for the homeowner to buy cut and split firewood that is ready to use.

Where does all that stuff go?

We recycle all the wood, brush and debris generated on the work site. Hardwoods are processed into firewood and utilized to heat company headquarters and staff members’ homes. Wood chips are composted and then used as mulch in house and sold to landscapers. Softwoods and miscellaneous debris are run through a tub grinder, composted, then used as mulch or in the production of topsoil.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash or a personal check with proper ID.

Do you work year round?

We do work all year long. In the winter we shut down for two weeks for Christmas and associated holidays. We are prepared to move accumulated snow from work sites and deploy protective plastic mats, if needed. We work in light rain and fog. However, driving rain, winds above 20 MPH or temperatures below 10° F or above 95° will keep us at the shop.

How do I make an appointment?

You can call the office anytime (518) 799-5091. If our receptionist doesn’t answer, please leave a message. Alternatively, use our contact form to leave your contact information along with a brief description of how we can help.

Can you provide testimonials from past customers?

Yes, they can be found on the testimonials page or we can provide references upon request.

How far will you travel?

Our service area encompasses Columbia, Northern Dutchess and Southern Rensselaer Counties in Eastern New York State.

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